About Me

Hej! My name is Gwen and I currently a senior majoring in Biology at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

I primarily used this blog when I was studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. But now I am maybe reviving it? I still welcome any Qs about study abroad if that’s how you got here! All the info below here pertains to my time at DIS:

Studying abroad has been a dream of mine for years and years (I can’t even remember how far back…a long time) and now it’s finally happening!

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While studying abroad with DIS in CPH, I’ll be enrolled in the Public Health Core Course and I’ll be taking 5 courses:

  • Health Delivery and Prioritization (Core)
  • Healthcare Strategies for At-Risk Populations
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • Anthropology of Food
  • Danish Language and Culture

I am living in the Public Health Living & Learning Community (LLC) which is a convenient walk to my classes AND a bakery with coveted cinnamon rolls on Wednesdays!

And while abroad I will be continuing some of my favorite hobbies…visiting coffee shops, searching for aesthetics that Joanna Gaines would approve of, and pursuing my Pinterest dreams.

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Thanks for checking in, and please don’t be afraid to contact with any comments or questions!

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